Friday, October 23, 2009

Enduro and Duo-Enduro Rules

Tidewater Challenge
Enduro & Duo-Enduro Class Rules

Pit Area
All Enduro and Duo-Enduro riders must use the designated Enduro Pit. Duo-Enduro teams must exchange/tag-up in the Enduro pit. This pit will be located directly beside the race course near the registration area with easy access to the restrooms. Racers may change or repair any equipment in their Pit area; you may even swap entire bikes. Pit areas are not allowed on the course or in the start/finish area. However, emergency repairs may be performed on the course. In the pit area, racers may accept support from anyone.

Canceling a Lap
Once on course, a racer must complete his or her lap whether riding or pushing the bike, or that lap is cancelled. If a rider cuts through the woods for any reason, that lap is cancelled and must be restarted from the scoring tent. This is a difficult and costly decision, but if the rider is unable to complete the lap for any reason, it may be to their advantage to cancel that lap. To cancel a lap the rider must notify the score keepers at the scoring tent and request a restart on that lap. The cancelled lap does not count as a completed lap.

When a rider(s) decides to quit racing before the 6 hours has ended they must notify the scoring tent so that their time and total number of laps can be recorded. Otherwise the rider will receive the last place of riders completing the same number of laps. A rider may be on the course after the 6 Hour time has ended as long as the lap was started before the 6 hour time ended. The time (ie. 6:17:33) will be recorded along with the total laps completed. The winner is the rider who completes the most laps in the least amount of time.